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Oct 2 15

Harley Street


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teeth in a day harley street
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Harley Street
The Harley street dental is based at Harley Street, Marylebone, Central London. It offers some of the finest dentistry in the country and has employed some of the strongest dental practitioners from all over the world. The studio covers everything from simple routine check ups to complex dental rehabilitations. They offer the very latest of treatments and strive to achieve the up most health in each of their patients oral care.

Their services include: • no drill dentistry
• nervous patient care
• tooth rehab
• gum re-sculpting
• invisible fillings
• oral cancer scanner
• anti-snoring treatment
• tooth sculpting
• aesthetic bonding
• cosmetic braces
And more!

The dental studio is one of the most well respected dental practises in the whole of the UK, they are widely awarded for their success. They’ve won multiple awards every year since 2008! Outstanding dental health care all under one roof.

Their success is also a reflection of their global service. They have treated clients from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between. Their 5-star service is noticed around the world and they’ve even had customers fly over to specifically undergo their treatment there. It also helps that their staff is global, the finest dentists from around the world have been scouted to work on Harley street to reach that goal of perfection service.

The studio is Harley’s leading dental clinic and makes up one of the three in the Harley street dental group. Rated 5-star customer service they offer a team who are passionate and show true care in their patients’ oral health. Their dedication is shown in their unparalleled results. The gallery of smiles they have created leaves customers saying; “I got specialist, personalised care”, “no nonsense” and “true dental class”.

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